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The Culture Trip: September Newsletter

The Classiq Journal monthly newsletter goes out every first Sunday of the month, bringing you a personal round-up of books, films, music, podcasts, talks and adventure stories. Read More

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The Big Goodbye: Chinatown and the Last Years of Hollywood

Sam Wasson doesn’t force depth and emotion into his writing, and that’s why I love his writing. It flows naturally and vividly, it keeps you engaged, it is unpredictable yet beautifully constructed, it is accelerating and seamlessly connecting phrases even when he leaps from one idea to another, from one time to another, as it takes you back to the making of a masterpiece, Chinatown. Read More

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The Birth of the Androgynous Look: Greta Garbo in “The Single Standard”

It was 1929 when Greta Garbo introduced trousers into women’s fashion, when she appeared in her lover’s clothes in The Single Standard. It was Garbo who paved the way for Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn. She invented the androgynous look. Read More

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Creating a New Visual Reality: Interview with Illustrator Katherine Lam

An element of surprise permeates Katherine Lam’s work. Her illustrations have a distinctive mood, she has a way of working suspense and voyeurism into her pieces, a firm believer in creating a visual medium that should respect the challenges specific to illustration. Read More

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From the Period Authenticity of “Meek’s Cutoff” to the Contemporary Realism of “Boys Don’t Cry”: In Conversation with Costume Designer Vicki Farrell

The costume design must bend and grow with the characters and with the film: Interview with costume designer Vicki Farrell. Read More

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