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The Culture Edit: January Newsletter

Left: “The silence between the years”, Classiq Journal Editions, photographic print available in original landscape size in the shop Right: “A motion-picture Star was the most important commodity any studio could claim.” (Veronica: The Autobiography of Veronica Lake)     … Read More

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“Another Round” and Other Good Films from a Year of Movies Without Cinemas

”Oh, a film is never the same on a small screen as it was when you lived it in a theater.” Here are some of the best films of 2020, the year of movies without cinemas. Read More

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“Victor Victoria” & Women in Tuxedo on Film

Julie Andrews in “Victor Victoria”, 1982 | MGM   In Victor Victoria, Julie Andrews plays “a woman who pretends to be a man who pretends to be a woman”. Victoria is an unemployed performer who cross-dresses as a last resort … Read More

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The Culture Edit: December Newsletter

It’s game time. Winter, especially this time leading up to Christmas, is best enjoyed through a child’s eyes. Especially those eyes fired with imagination from books, from play, from exploring a forest. Read More

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Life and Travel Now, with Photographer David C. Phillips

The Grand Canal in Venice in the fog | Photo by David C. Phillips Photographic print available in the shop   The cold months of the year usually invite to reflection. As soon as the clocks are literally turned back, … Read More

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