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The Mosquito Coast: Interview with costume designer Justine Seymour

In the contemporary retelling of The Mosquito Coast, costume designer Justine Seymour embodies key character traits and themes from the book into the wardrobe of the leading cast that evoke the simple living and breaking of the status quo of the Fox family, and then Read More

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June Newsletter: On Drawing on the Quiet Moments of a Film and Childhood Summers

“There was life everywhere, mysterious and energetic.
In time I came to cherish our surroundings.
We led our Peter Pan existence – Read More

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Daily Little Rituals and Their Lasting Beauty: SAYA Designs

In this world of fast, SAYA’s regard for detail and wellbeing and nature inspires us to go slow. The story of SAYA Designs is that of a beauty brand that works with nature, based on the idea of interfering as little as possible and, by taking the time to observe, learn and listen, letting nature give us what works well for us.
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Hayao Miyazaki’s Wonderful Sense of Fantasy

Blessed those who haven’t yet watched Hayao Miyazaki’s films. Until recently I was one of them. Then my son asked if we could start watching films together and so we have started to discover Miyazaki’s fantastical universes. Read More

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Darkness Under the Limelight: Tyrone Power in “Nightmare Alley”

Tyrone Power and Joan Blondell in “Nightmare Alley”, 1947. Twentieth Century Fox   There is something sordid about the atmosphere of a small-time, small-town carnival. Comedians trapped in tragic roles. The performers may be under the limelight, but it is … Read More

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