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Mickey Rourke in Angel Heart: Dressed to Fit the Monochromatic Look and Distressed Reality of a 1955 Noir

It also makes perfect sense that Mickey Rourke would play Harry Angel. Not only does Rourke’s presence lend absolute conviction to the film’s generic roots of early 1950s noir, but his disheveled appearance combined with his emotionally vulnerable screen performance alluded to a Read More

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A New Perspective: Interview with Photographer Mónica R. Goya

In our interview, I am talking with photographer and journalist Mónica R. Goya about travelling with the right people, about sustainable farming, about the place she would choose for a simpler way of life, and where she would take us on a food journey. Read More

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Delon, Belmondo, Borsalino and the Myth of the Gangster Dandy

Alain Delon and Jean Paul Belmondo in “Borsalino”, 1970. Adel Productions, Marianne Productions.   François Capella and Roch Siffredi are rarely seen without a hat on. Most of the times it is a Borsalino, the dressy felt hat created by … Read More

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The Culture Edit: February Newsletter

Left: Tracking down the classic cars of vintage ski, inspired by Meredith Erickson’s Alpine travelogue. Zürs, Austria, 1953. Photo by Hans Truöl | Right: “The word has carried enormous resonance for me ever since. Home.” Julie Andrews, Home: A Memoir … Read More

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Night Train and a Rear Window-like Microcosm of Human Experiences

In Jerzy Kawalerowicz’s Night Train, the setting, an element of suspense and the fact that all the stories unfolding have as common denominator some aspect of love unequivocally reminded me of Rear Window. Read More

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