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Art Will Set You Free: In Conversation with Photographer Bill Phelps

Bill Phelps’ photography is like that. It has no hurried departure, nor a preconceived destination. It’s more like a wondrous path in which spontaneity, intimacy and a truthful eye are at play time and again. It’s about letting something emerge, full of the unexpected, but always looking for what’s genuine and real, and relating to people, to the human part of people. Read More

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Very, Very Natural and Herself: Katharine Hepburn in “Bringing Up Baby”

Is Katharine Hepburn playing herself in Bringing Up Baby? And if so, why not? Katharine Hepburn turned Hollywood on its head. She fearlessly and uncompromisingly set out to become a star in an industry that wanted greatness on its own terms. She wanted greatness on her own unconventional terms, and she became the reluctant and the most natural movie star. So why wouldn’t she play some version of herself in at least some of her movies? Read More

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April Newsletter: On Personal Space and Actors’ Private Lives

Photos: Classiq Journal     I have watched Nomadland this week. Fern, Frances McDormand, moves around country with the weather and with the work. After the economic collapse of her working-class town, Fern, a former substitute teacher and a widow … Read More

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Anny Romand in “Diva”: An Agnès B. Kind of Sensibility

Anny Romand and Jean-Jacques Moreau in “Diva”, 1981. Les Films Galaxie, Greenwich Film Productions, France 2   We go to different films for different reasons, Roger Ebert once said. And, of course, we love each film for different reasons. Jean-Jacques … Read More

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Be Kinder Than Necessary

  There are hardly any other words I have heard or read more often in the past year in conversations touching on the subject of how we can navigate everything that has been happening than be kind. Something to do … Read More

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