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Veronica Lake in The Blue Dahlia and Her Star Image Making

In The Blue Dahlia, 1946, Veronica Lake’s wardrobe bore the hallmarks of a film noir protagonist, but it also fit Lake’s star image. Read More

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The Culture Trip: November Newsletter

November Newsletter: The Culture Trip Read More

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Lizabeth Scott: She Had What It Took for Film Noir

Lizabeth Scott in Dead Reckoning

Lizabeth Scott and the roles that earned her a well deserved place in the classic film noir canon. Read More

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Blade Runner and the Unicorn

When my father took the VHS tape from its shelf at our local Blockbuster, I had never heard of Blade Runner or Ridley Scott. He explained how he and Read More

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Sissy Spacek’s Extraordinary Ordinary Life

Sissy Spacek photographed by Lynne Brubaker   Being humble despite tremendous talent, dismissing disposable glamour for genuine character and unflinching dedication to her craft, having tenacity in an industry that can prop you up or make you come crashing down, … Read More

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