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The Theatrics of Tennis: Interview with Artist Març Rabal

Interview with art Març Rabal about her scenographic tennis collages, about forging a style with hard work and the bad and good things the online brings an artist. Read More

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Creativity Is the Freest Form of Self-Expression: An Interview with Illustrator Marianna Gefen

In our interview, I am talking with illustrator Marianna Gefen about the inspiration behind her art, about how to foster creativity in children, about why new is not necessarily better and about the German silent cinema. Read More

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Le ballon rouge: An Illustrated Short Story

These Le ballon rouge illustrations, envisioned by artist Irina Georgescu, will fascinate children and grown-ups alike. Read More

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Interview with Illustrator Eliza Southwood

In our interview, illustrator Eliza Southwood takes about her first drawing memory, her classic cycling illustration, Miguel Indurain, the Tweed Run and style. Read More

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Tennis As Art

Roland Garros poster 2018

There is Roger Federer – What is tennis if not the art of movement? There is Rafael Nadal – What is la terre battue if not the canvas brushed across by the strokes of the master of his art, the … Read More

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