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Best Films of 2019

From a new-noir thriller with inflictions of black humour, to an old-school entertainment Hollywood film, these are some of the best films of 2019. Read More

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Creativity Is the Freest Form of Self-Expression: An Interview with Illustrator Marianna Gefen

In our interview, I am talking with illustrator Marianna Gefen about the inspiration behind her art, about how to foster creativity in children, about why new is not necessarily better and about the German silent cinema. Read More

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The Culture Trip: December Newsletter

The Culture Trip: Our December newsletter doubles as both a conscience call and inspiration for the holidays. Read More

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Production Designer François Audouy Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Ford v Ferrari

In our interview, Ford v Ferrari production designer François Audouy breaks down the process of crafting the world of the 1960s, and a very specific world at that, and the recreation of the rebel-vibe of the California car culture of that decade. Read More

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Soul Cake: A Winter Playlist

Winter-themed, but not necessarily so, and eschewing the traditional Christmas carols and everything that boasts of the holiday cheer and saccharine sentiment. This is our December playlist. Read More

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