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Art Directing Film Posters: In Conversation with Illustrator Akiko Stehrenberger

In our interview, I am talking with art director and illustrator Akiko Stehrenberger about her film posters, about her versatility of style and about merging hand and digital illustration. Read More

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On and Off Set with Unit Still Photographer Merie Weismiller Wallace

In our interview, unit still photographer Merie Weismiller Wallace talks about the uniqueness of her job, about what’s it like working with Clint Eastwood, Terrence Malick and Alexander Payne, and about the importance of sometimes putting the camera down and participating to life instead of watching it. Read More

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Life and Film Lessons from Agnès Varda

  “The world is in a very bad shape, but cinema in a way is a peaceful life.”     Forerunner of La nouvelle vague, who kept breaking new ground with each new film, be it experimental, documentary or fiction, … Read More

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Jacques Demy in Black & White and His Quiet Heroines

Before using colours “like a singing Matisse” in The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Jacques Demy made the most lyrical use of black and white in his first two films, Lola and Bay of Angels, when a different kind of heroine glided through his universe, one who sand and danced on her own music. Read More

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Editorial: Through a Glass, Darkly

In Andrei Zvyagintsev’s “Elena” (2011), there is striking contrast between the natural light and the dark underlay of the story that even taps into noir, but the narrative is so disquieting and subtly gripping, further enhanced by the beautiful original score by Philip Glass, with the shocking element that occurs so seamlessly entwined into the pensive minimalism of the film. Read More

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