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A Son’s Love Letter to His Mother

Franca: Chaos and Creation, Francesco Carrozzini’s documentary film about his mother, Franca Sozzani, is an intimate and emotional portrait of the legendary Vogue a Italia editor-in-chief, a moving mother-son story. Read More

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The French Noir Anti-Hero and The Trench Coat

The trench coat of the French noir anti-hero is either a detail of realism and narrative drive or a stylized element that values aesthetic and atmosphere. Read More

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Dylan McKay Inspired Teenagers to Be Authentic

Dylan McKay became cool not only because of his looks and rebellious nature, but because of his strong sense of independence, because he was earthbound and authentic. I only wish that, as a teenager, I understood it. Read More

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The Art of Film Posters: Interview with Illustrator Tony Stella

Film poster by Tony Stella for “Le Samouraï” (1967), directed by Jean-Pierre Melville     How can you reimagine some of the best classic movies and give them new life? How can you visually capture the essence of a film? … Read More

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Editorial: A Raincoat in Sunny LA

Peter Falk in ”Columbo” | NBC   The Editorial: thoughts, short stories or essays about the world of cinema   Who wears a raincoat in sunny LA all the time? Columbo, that’s who. Why? Just instinct. His crumpled raincoat, his … Read More

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