Classiq is an online journal that celebrates cinema, culture, style and storytelling – a thought-provoking source of creativity and inspiration.

Classiq is about film because, as Martin Scorsese says, movies open doors and minds. Because movies move you, transform you, change you, inspire you, fascinate you, make you dream. Because movies shape your imagination, your culture, your tastes, to cite Giorgio Armani.

Classiq is about style, too, in many of its forms. It’s about personal style in all its complexity, permeating all aspects of one’s life, with an emphasis on sustainability and living life as a conscious choice. It is about being authentic, about embracing self expression and style with purpose, about living mindfully and being present. It is about one’s way of being.

Classiq is also a place of meeting: with artists, photographers, filmmakers, designers, writers, makers, style makers, amazingly talented and creative people, explorers of places and of the self, who are kind enough to open up and tell their stories in our interviews.

But, ultimately, Classiq is about living a well-cultured life, one in which dreaming, creativity and storytelling play center role.


“Le ballon rouge” inspired illustration, an exclusive Classiq-Irina Georgescu collaboration


Personal profile: Ada Pîrvu, the author of Classiq Journal, is a film and book lover, photography enthusiast, seeker of genuine style and tennis fan. Ada is also a contributor to the film magazine The Big Picture, she has written for THE ARTBO magazine, and her fashion in film articles have repeatedly been cited in The New York Times, The Guardian and The Washington Post.

“Ada writes the online journal Classiq, where she funnels her lifelong passion for cinema and her interest in fashion in film, of which she is a fervent proponent as one of cinema’s most far-reaching influences. She is an optimistic by nature, but she hates forced happy endings. Maybe that’s why film noir is her favourite genre. She regards it as a prime contributor to restoring the balance disrupted by the traditional notion of a Hollywoodian happy ending.” The Big Picture magazine

Classiq Shop: The online boutique shop.classiq.me is inspired by the fascinating world of cinema and by the never-fading beauty of the tangible. It is truly a celebration of films and storytelling, and an opportunity to bring some of Ada’s personal ideas and cinema experiences to life and to present them in a new, wider context. At the same time, the shop is about more than film. Our products want to bring a new appreciation for artistic expression, craftsmanship and authentic beauty. It is about the endless inspiration of everything classic: timeless style, the printed word, a handwritten note, photography on film, handmade art and artifacts.

A Place in the Sun original poster art, an exclusive Classiq-Irina Perju collaboration

Words to live by:

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” e.e.cummings

“Looking good isn’t self-importance, it’s self-respect.” Charles Hix

“I had a marvelous life – I always stuck to my dreams.” Diana Vreeland

“Have more than you show. Speak less than you know.” William Shakespeare, King Lear

“When we are no longer children, we are already dead.” Constantin Brâncuși

“Be kind. Be on time. Take the work seriously – don’t take yourself too seriously.” Tom Hiddleston

“‘To fit in’ is to give up your mind in favour of your position.” John Cassavetes

“I don’t go by nighttime dreams because it’s daydreaming that I like.” David Lynch

“If we could only find the courage to leave our destiny to chance, to accept the fundamental mystery of our lives, then we might be closer to the sort of happiness that comes with innocence.” Luis Buñuel

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