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On Craftsmanship and the Modern Woman, with Sue Stemp of St. Roche

In our interview with St. Roche co-founder Sue Stemp, we talk about their vision for the brand, about sustainable fashion companies, about New York vs Los Angeles for making it in fashion, and Hitchcock. Read More

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Art Directing Film Posters: In Conversation with Illustrator Akiko Stehrenberger

In our interview, I am talking with art director and illustrator Akiko Stehrenberger about her film posters, about her versatility of style and about merging hand and digital illustration. Read More

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On and Off Set with Unit Still Photographer Merie Weismiller Wallace

In our interview, unit still photographer Merie Weismiller Wallace talks about the uniqueness of her job, about what’s it like working with Clint Eastwood, Terrence Malick and Alexander Payne, and about the importance of sometimes putting the camera down and participating to life instead of watching it. Read More

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Essential Minimalism: Interview with Illustrator Sandra Suy

Sandra Suy’s illustrations have the skill to show what the subject is about without going into great detail. They evoke both a timeless elegance and a modern attitude, creating interest by balancing so well classic beauty with an edgy energy, simplicity with texture. Read More

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The Theatrics of Tennis: Interview with Artist Març Rabal

Interview with art Març Rabal about her scenographic tennis collages, about forging a style with hard work and the bad and good things the online brings an artist. Read More

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