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Art Will Set You Free: In Conversation with Photographer Bill Phelps

Bill Phelps’ photography is like that. It has no hurried departure, nor a preconceived destination. It’s more like a wondrous path in which spontaneity, intimacy and a truthful eye are at play time and again. It’s about letting something emerge, full of the unexpected, but always looking for what’s genuine and real, and relating to people, to the human part of people. Read More

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A New Perspective: Interview with Photographer Mónica R. Goya

In our interview, I am talking with photographer and journalist Mónica R. Goya about travelling with the right people, about sustainable farming, about the place she would choose for a simpler way of life, and where she would take us on a food journey. Read More

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Looking at the World from a Place of Respect, with Photographer Frederique Peckelsen

Frederique Peckelsen’s photography possesses that quiet beauty and vigorous readiness that come from both a sense of respect for its subject matter and from an ever-attentive eye, one that does not intrude but is intuitive and honest about what one sees and feels and lets oneself surprised. Read More

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The Nest: In Conversation with Costume Designer Matthew Price

In my interview with Matthew Price, costume designer in Sean Durkin’s The Nest, we discuss Carrie Coon’s character and the defining role her clothes have on this journey we are taken on, the Italian sartorial influence for Jude Law’s Rory, and going to the movies. Read More

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Life and Travel Now, with Photographer David C. Phillips

The Grand Canal in Venice in the fog | Photo by David C. Phillips Photographic print available in the shop   The cold months of the year usually invite to reflection. As soon as the clocks are literally turned back, … Read More

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