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A Son’s Love Letter to His Mother

Franca: Chaos and Creation, Francesco Carrozzini’s documentary film about his mother, Franca Sozzani, is an intimate and emotional portrait of the legendary Vogue a Italia editor-in-chief, a moving mother-son story. Read More

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A Children’s Book I Bought for Myself

I honestly do not remember the last time I was so absorbed by an illustrated book (if I’ve ever been), except my first incursion into William Grill’s magical universes, The Wolves of Currumpaw. Read More

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It’s Much More than Food Writing: Two Classics

Anthony Bourdain took the profession of cook as an adventure, just as he did life. The life of a rock ‘n’ roller, but also the life of a craftsman. Kitchen Confidential Read More

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Today Everything Exists to End in a Photograph

One of the most remarkable things about Susan Sontag’s essays “On Photography” is how much they apply to our present day image-saturated digital world. Suddenly, Sontag’s penetrating critique Read More

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My New Roots: Life Lessons from Sarah Britton

A good cook book means so much more than inspiring recipes thoughtfully gathered together. It also tells a story and offers practical advice and life lessons. My New Roots is one such book. Read More

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