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Le ballon rouge: An Illustrated Short Story

These Le ballon rouge illustrations, envisioned by artist Irina Georgescu, will fascinate children and grown-ups alike. Read More

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Introducing: The Out of Africa Capsule Collection

Out of Africa Cuffs - Classiq Shop

Our Out of Africa capsule collection is inspired by the film by the same name directed by Sydney Pollack, with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in the lead roles. What inspired me the most, from the stylistic point of view, … Read More

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Introducing: Our “In A Lonely Place” Cuff

In A Lonely Place Cuff - Classiq Shop

Our own design, this is my manifesto accessory, the one I wear every single day. I have written about my favourite noir, In A Lonely Place, time and again. And now I have made a piece of jewellery inspired by … Read More

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Classiq: The Shop!

Shop Classiq

  Dear friends, welcome to a new Classiq chapter! For years, I have been funneling my lifelong passion for cinema and my interest in fashion in film, of which I am a fervent proponent as one of cinema’s most far-reaching influences, … Read More

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