Summer Travel Guide with Florence Donné

Time is ripe for the summer holidays or at least the summer vacation mode is in full swing. Our summer travel guides continue with a special guest today. An avid traveller, but one who is generous to let us in on her beautiful experiences without oversharing, because she knows how to keep the most special moments for herself. But what you will find most inspiring about Florence Donné, the founder of, as she revealed here, are not her whirlwind travels, but the fact that she seems to know the secret to the art de vivre: make the present moment as pleasing as possible and find the extraordinary in the everyday, make things happen rather than wait for them, and live a life that is in line with who you really are.

Here are Florence’s favourite summer destinations, insider tips and a few great pieces of travel advice.

Left: ”Les roches Rouge hotel, Piana, my favourite hotel in Corsica for a night with a magical view.”
Right: Nonza, Corsica | photos: Florence Donné


”One of the things I love to do in Corsica is to drive to Cap Corse, my favorite area between the sea and the mountains,
and to the adorable tiny villages like Piana, Pigna, Centuri or Nonza.” | photo (Centuri, Corsica): Florence Donné


Your favourite summer destinations:
Greece for the beauty of the islands.
Japan for everything so different.
The United States, always a myth for European people.

This summer, you are planning to go to:
First stop, Corsica, where I have a family home. Then to Belle-Ilê-en-Mer, in Britany, another family place. A long weekend in Anvers to see the museums, restautants and concept stores.
I dream to discover this hotel. Then, in August, Spain and Greece, on the Patmaos Island,
my dreamy place. As you can see, I love the islands.

The place you like to return to again and again.
Without hesitation, the Greek Islands: Patmos, Amorgos, Sifnos, Andros… so many!

The best way to explore a new place:
By boat, riding the bicycle or driving with good music. I love a road trip, talking, dreaming
and listening to good music. I would love to go on a road trip in the United States or Scotland.

The ingredients for a perfect vacation:
People I love, the Mediterranean Sea and light.

While away, you mostly hope to:
Be a traveller. I like to stay for a while and live like the local people.


”Patmos Island, Greece, my dreamy place.” | photo: Florence Donné


On holiday, you live in:
Dresses, sandals and bikinis.

Always in your travel bag:
Books, sunglasses and my Bose for listening to my music everywhere.

Never while on holiday:
No news, no shoes.

Your rules for travelling anywhere:
Smile, listen to and watch the people to understand where you are and adapt your attitude.

If you didn’t live in Paris, you would live in:
Spain, definetely.

The books you are planning to bring along on holiday:
Fates and Furies, by Lauren Groff.
Sing, Unburied, Sing, by Jesmyn Ward.
Le roman vrai d’Alexandre, by Alexandre Jardin.
The Art of Joy (original: L’Arte della gioia), by Goliarda Sapienza.

Your favourite summer movies:
The Talented Mr. Ripley, La piscine, Il postino.

Your summer playlist:
The latest album of Isaac Delusion or Robin Thicke, but so many others, too!
Electro, funk or classical. I love music!


Patmos Island, Greece | photo: Florence Donné


Florence Donné on Instagram: @ringthebelle_storystore


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