Italian Summer: A Playlist

Jude Law, as Dickie Greenleaf, is passionate about jazz in “The Talented Mr. Ripley”, 1999 | Miramax, Paramount Pictures

A soundtrack inspired by a Sicilian summer. Some of the songs you happen to listen to on the radio while road tripping, some Italian songs that get you in the right state of mind even if your vacation has long ended, and some from the summer movies you love (like one of the most beautiful films set in Italy, The Talented Mr. Ripley).


1.Fast Car, Tracy Chapman / 2.Certe notti, Luciano Ligabue / 3.Bruce Springsteen, Western Stars / 4.Observatory Crest, Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band / 5.L’Apputamento, Ornella Valoni / 6.Flyswatter, Eels / 7.Rebel Rebel, David Bowie / 8.Crepuscolo sul mare, Piero Umiliani / 9.Summertime, Charlie Parker / 10.About a Girl, Nirvana / 11.Mio dolce sogno, Jack Jezzro / 12.She Smiled Sweetley, The Rolling Stones / 13.Yellow, Coldplay / 14.That’s Amore, Dean Martin / 15.High Hopes, Pink Floyd / 16.Into Your Arms, The Lemmonheads / 17.Ti amo, Umberto Tozzi / 18.Old Devil Moon, Chet Baker / 19.Pictures of You, The Cure / 20.Tu vuò fà l’americano, Renato Carosone

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