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Production Designer François Audouy Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Ford v Ferrari

In our interview, Ford v Ferrari production designer François Audouy breaks down the process of crafting the world of the 1960s, and a very specific world at that, and the recreation of the rebel-vibe of the California car culture of that decade. Read More

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The Taste Makers: Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

Antica Dolceria Bonajuto is more than a chocolate maker, it is a taste maker. The story of the oldest chocolate factory in Sicily and of the best chocolate in the world is a story of tradition and innovation, of passion and perseverance. Read More

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Photography Is a Feeling: An Interview with Richard Gaston

The Highlands of Scotland | Photograph by Richard Gaston   There is a quiet beauty in Richard Gaston’s photographs. They are like a quiet place in themselves. Relieved of any unnecessary detail. What remains is the emotion of the adventure, … Read More

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Interview with Film Graphic Designer Annie Atkins

In our interview, Annie Atkins talks about why a film graphic designer’s work is usually meant to remain unseen, about her experience working with Wes Anderson and … Read More

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La Gomera: In Conversation with Costume Designer Dana Păpăruz

In our interview, costume designer Dana Paparuz talks colour, costume and visual storytelling in Corneliu Porumboiu’s La Gomera. A neo-noir thriller with inflictions of black humour, a highly stylized world, a clear and intentional departure from the realism of the Romanian New Wave. Read More

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