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Women of Style

Women of Style - Classiq Journal

  As much as I hate seeing summer fading, each September I realise how I revel in the frenetic energy of autumn. I like the back-to-school feeling, I like the organised routine the season brings along, I like the cooler … Read More

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Where Are the Male Heroes of Today?

Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway in The Thomas Crown Affair

In a time when feminism and gender gap seem to permeate every single discussion, every single film festival and every artist’s work, there is one crucial thing that I would like to become an important part of the conversation again: … Read More

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Introducing: The Out of Africa Capsule Collection

Out of Africa Cuffs - Classiq Shop

Our Out of Africa capsule collection is inspired by the film by the same name directed by Sydney Pollack, with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in the lead roles. What inspired me the most, from the stylistic point of view, … Read More

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Shirt Stories: Romy Schneider

Shirt Stories - Romy Schneider - Classiq

With a simple smile or look, Romy Schneider was the kind of actress that drew you in in every role she played. She was a great character actress, easily taking on challenging parts. Her ability to change was unbelievable. She … Read More

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Defining Moments in Rock ‘n’ Roll Style (and Who Shot Them)

Kurt Cobain by Charles Peterson

There are countless rock & roll images that are burnt in the public’s collective memory. They have played a major role in creating the image of our favourite or most influential musicians, and that image has been taken for granted … Read More

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