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Women of Style - Classiq Journal 

As much as I hate seeing summer fading, each September I realise how I revel in the frenetic energy of autumn. I like the back-to-school feeling, I like the organised routine the season brings along, I like the cooler temps in early fall that give you the impulse to seek for and embrace new beginnings. And I like how we reclaim our style in autumn.

It’s been a while since I wrote an article solely about style. I now prefer a more subtle approach. I like to celebrate style quietly, by featuring women and men from all artistic fields and talking about values and work and lifestyle as a whole. Isn’t that what style really is about? I sometimes casually bring up the notion of style in our conversations. So today I wanted to mark the approaching shift of seasons and its sartorial supremacy by gathering some of the most inspiring style quotes from my interviewees along the years. They are all incredible, beautiful, stylish women, but who prefer their work, not their looks, to be in the spotlight. However, in order to avoid a possible repetitive feeling, I chose to feature different women in the photographs. Women who, why not, I would love to interview one day and present them in their element, be it on an Australian shooting location, in the streets of Paris, in their home or in their kitchen. Because everyone is best at being themselves. And they all wear timeless pieces for fall.
Women of Style - Classiq Journal
Style comes from a sense of self, of knowing and understanding who you are, what is you and what is not. I cultivate that in myself and I work to bring that forth in my clients. My designs definitely speak for my style, but if I were to choose just one object as a reference, it would probably be horseback riding pants. I love horses, and the way they complement the feminine. I have always associated them with the Amazons. They were not just women warriors, they were free spirits of great charisma. Only in my story, they dismount and put on a wide skirt and host dinner parties.
Fashion designer Oana Manolescu

“Being yourself and no one else.”
Author and designer India Hicks

I believe in trying one’s best. And if we all try to make our surroundings pleasant and inviting, that must be better than not doing so. Style to me is how you carry yourself, your posture, your choice of colours and pattern when it comes to clothes, and, most of all, the overall look. As I live in a country with six months of winter, am a mother of three young boys, as well as an illustrator that works in a messy, drippy way, I wear a lot of jeans with second hand tops and blouses and boots.
Illustrator Stina Persson
Tapping into the creative brain, self expression, not following the mainstream, but molding the ideas that are out there to create your own thing. You actually have to care enough about style to have any and, in some cases, being courageous in your approach.
Kara Johnson, founder of Kara Thoms Boutique

“Being yourself. Elegance with a twist that makes us different.”
Johanna Lepeu El Iman, founder of Zoobeetle Paris


“Style is the slow distilling of its culture – art, music, literature, religion –
that over time seep into our being and give us a sense of who we are.”

Patricia Gucci

Style to me is a way in which someone does something that just exudes their true self, it’s never forced. It’s innate and ultimately I think it’s a way in which someone carries themselves. I think it’s just a way of communicating who you are without speaking.
Valerie Santillo, Kamperett
Women of Style - Classiq Journal
For me, style is about protocol, it is about doing things in a certain way that makes experiences more pleasant for people. That may include taking time to present a meal in an attractive way for a guest, dressing appropriately if you are accepting an invitation, or simply acting courteously.
Polly Leonard, founder and editor-in-chief of Selvedge magazine

“I like it to be a mix of comfort, playful and personal.
I am not a fashionista, but love beautiful clothes and things.
Style, I think, is an individual take on what’s surrounding you.

Illustrator Cecilia Carlstedt

Living in Paris, ‘The Fashion Mecca’, is hard to ignore fashion! My style hasn’t changed much over the years. I love timeliess and effortless items of clothing. A classical look, but with personnal details. An elegant fabric, classic colors, beautiful and authentic silver jewelry I brought back from Chile or vintage jewels that have been in my family. I love silver jewelry and bought some fantastic pieces in Santa Fe Indian Market. I like stylish elements. I suppose that my style is as direct and frank as my writing, and in a way, if I like white shirts it’s certainly because it summarizes all that.
Travel writer Francisca Mattéoli
photos: 1-Kara Rosenlund / 2-Claire Thomson Jonville by Atelier Doré / 3-Juliette Hermant by Atelier Doré / 4-Mimi Thorisson by Oddur Thorisson

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