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Cindrel Mountains, Romania | photo: Classiq Journal

Spending time outdoors. No matter how many times I say this and write this, I feel I don’t do it often enough. And if not in the summer, then when? Find the time, regain mindfulness, reconnect with nature, listen to the silence, breath. And in between late summer road trips, do give a listen to these three podcasts. Because culture should always find a place in our lives, it’s one of those things that are not seasonal.

Brad Pitt in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, 2019 | Bona Film Group, Heyday Films, Sony Pictures Entertainment


Soundtracking with Edith Bowman

I only discovered Edith Bowman’s podcast a little over a month ago (it has recently celebrated its third anniversary) and I’ve been diving into the archive every chance I’ve had since. Edith talks to directors, actors, writers, producers and composers about their relationship with music, both personally and professionally, and so much more. Edith Bowman knows and is passionate about film and music and her interviews are absolutely fantastic. Listening to them feels like you are exploring your favourite films with your best friend. And as if I needed another reason to love Martin Scorsese and Thelma Schoonmaker and their films, now I do, after listening to the episode with Thelma. Needless to say, I am currently rewatching Scorsese’s films. The latest guest on the podcast? Quentin Tarantino. And all I can say is that it’s been a struggle resisting to listen to it until I’ve watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (it was just launched in Europe this weekend).

Photography by Racquet magazine


The Racquet magazine podcast

I’ve talked about my favourite tennis magazine, Racquet, before (and photographing an issue every now and then, as well as other favourite print publications, is about as personal as I will ever get on Instagram). Why I love it so much? It’s different. You won’t find any ATP and WTA rankings in its pages. No hype, no news, no nonsense. Every issue (it’s published quarterly) is an artistic endeavor, focused on great writing and original illustration (which makes it a great read not only for tennis lovers like myself) to celebrate the style, culture, aesthetic, lifestyle and class surrounding the most beautiful sport in the world. I have talked about their podcast before, too. But season two is here and it’s all good. Billie Jean King, Sam Stosur and Jim Courier have been among the latest guests, and Rennae Stubbs is a great host as usual.

”A Private War”, 2018 | Acacia Filmed Entertainment, Thunder Road Pictures


Off Camera with Sam Jones

“The best conversations should be unconventional, surprising and sometimes just downright weird,” says Sam Jones. The kind of conversation that can only happen when you are face to face with someone. Sam Jones, the host of Off Camera, another podcast I’ve arrived late on (I had actually come across it before, but have rediscovered it now when searching for an interview with Dave Grohl) interviews actors, artists, musicians, skateboarders, photographers and writers, and his conversations flow naturally, casually, and they bring the best out of his guests – one of the latest episodes was with Rosamund Pike, and, after having just watched A Private War, it was great having an insight into the development of her character, Marie Colvin. But first and foremost, it’s Sam’s commitment to doing things his own way that I find very inspiring about this podcast. “As much as I have tried to create a multi-platform technologically relevant episodic blogpodzine, I am really just using new tools to do the same thing I have always done; which is follow my interests, and try to get in the room with some really interesting people.” In other words, he is making technology work to his and his public’s benefit. He sticks to doing long form style interviews. I salute that.

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