Editors: A Playlist

Editors in concert in Dublin | photo: Isabel Thomas

They recently played in the opening of The Cure concert. After hearing them live, we went to buy all their albums on vinyl and that’s all I’ve been playing since. I don’t feel every music I hear and I don’t stop to listen to every music, but in the case of the Editors, I do and I do. That’s all.

“There’s sugar on your soul
And your like no one I know
You’re the life of another world.
You swallow me whole
With just a mumble, hello.
And it breaks my heart to love you
It Breaks my heart to love you.”

(Sugar, from the album The Weight of Your Love)



1.Sugar / 2.A Ton of Love / 3.Marching Orders / 4.No Sound but the Wind / 5.Two Hearted Spider / 6.The Law / 7.Bird of Prey / 8.Papillon / 9.Ocean of Night / 10.Darkness at the Door / 11.Salvation / 12.Munich / 13.All the Kings / 14.An End Has a Start


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