Editors: A Playlist

Editors in concert in Dublin | photo: Isabel Thomas

They recently played in the opening of The Cure concert. After hearing them live, we went to buy all their albums and that’s all I’ve been playing since. I don’t feel every music I hear and I don’t stop to listen to every music, but in the case of the Editors, I do and I do. That’s all.

“There’s sugar on your soul
And your like no one I know
You’re the life of another world.
You swallow me whole
With just a mumble, hello.
And it breaks my heart to love you
It Breaks my heart to love you.”

(Sugar, from the album The Weight of Your Love)



1.Sugar / 2.A Ton of Love / 3.Marching Orders / 4.No Sound but the Wind / 5.Two Hearted Spider / 6.The Law / 7.Bird of Prey / 8.Papillon / 9.Ocean of Night / 10.Darkness at the Door / 11.Salvation / 12.Munich / 13.All the Kings / 14.An End Has a Start


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