Editorial: Easy to Photograph

Editorial - Easy to Photograph - Grace Kelly - To Catch a Thief 

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Can anybody deny Grace Kelly’s beauty? It’s also true however that her beauty was the kind of ice-cool beauty that had nothing from the warm aura of Romy Schneider or Marilyn Monroe. “A photographic beauty,” is how Cecil Beaton described her, someone who simply photographs well. Yes, she was a classic beauty. And she was refined, elegant, distinguished, good-looking, with unusual good taste. “But if she did not photograph well, we would scarcely stop to look at her on the street,” the photographer argued.

Alfred Hitchcock however favoured this type of icy blonde, the ideal leading lady for the director. In To Catch a Thief (1955), for Kelly’s first appearance, Hitchcock wanted Edith Head to use cool colours to play up the idea of Frances as an ice princess. Head dressed her in a powder blue chiffon dress. “I deliberately photographed Grace Kelly ice-cold and I kept cutting to her profile, looking classical, beautiful, and very distant.” Hitchcock certainly knew how to photograph Grace, too, and capture her beauty. Easy to photograph or not, it is an unanimously accepted beauty.

photo: movie still from To Catch A Thief | Paramount Pictures

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