Down the Road Wherever

Spring ahead with a few old and new favourite sounds, from Hal Blaine’s drummer beats to Mark Knopfler’s latest album. A playlist.

1. Trapper Man, Mark Knopfler / 2. Going Back Home, Roger Daltrey and Wilko Johnson / 3. Beautiful Ones, Suede / 4. Strangers in the Night, Frank Sinatra / 5. All I Want, Joni Mitchell / 6. Run Through the Jungle, Creedence Clearwater Revival / 7. Mr. Tambourine Man, The Byrds / 8. La belle et la bête, Babyshambles / 9. It’s A Shame about Ray, The Lemonheads / 10. Ordinary Day, Dolores O’Riordan / 11. Be My Baby, The Ronnettes / 12. Alright, Supergrass / 13. Punish the Monkey, Mark Knopfler / 14. After the Lights Go Out, The Walker Brothers / 15. Another Sunny Day, Belle & Sebastian / 16. Girl from Mars, Ash / 17. People Are Strange, The Doors / 18. One, U2

A few words about the songs and musicians featured today.

As you might have noticed, our latest playlist pays homage to drummer Hal Blaine, who passed away last week at age of 90. One of the most prolific drummers in rock ‘n’ roll history, Hal Blaine put his beat of many great songs, like The Ronettes’ “Be My Baby”, which features one of the most indelible drum introductions in rock ‘n’ roll (and which is why I included it again here after our previous playlist, Best Rock Moments in Film), Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night”, The Byrds’ “Mr. Tambourine Man” and many, many more, having collaborated with Dean Martin, Simon & Garfunkel, Nancy Sinatra, The Carpenters, among others. “His versatility – an almost uncanny ability to instantly adapt to nearly any style – is, in the end, what made him so peerless. He always knew what a song needed, and he always knew how to play it,” wrote The New Yorker. I also recommend you listen to this Terry Gross Fresh Air episode interviewing the musician back in 2001.

If you, like my husband and I, are huge fans of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler, note that his 2019 tour, celebrating the release of his ninth studio solo album, “Down the Road Wherever”, will kick off on April 25th. He will tour Europe and North America and you can find all the information here.

Joni Mitchell will release a book this autumn. “Morning Glory on the Vine”, which collects lyrics, poems and drawings, was originally created for and privately sent to the singer-songwriter’s closest friends in 1971. The release this year will include a new introduction by Mitchell and additional paintings not included in the original edition (which was limited to just 100 copies). Francis Bickmore, who acquired the book for Canongate, said: “Joni Mitchell’s influence on popular culture is peerless. There is simply no one like her. Her fearless pursuit of honesty and art, her gift for storytelling and her incalculably beautiful melodies and voice – all of these have been inspirations and companions to me, and to so many others, for decades.”

Photo: “Morning Glory on the Vine” cover art | Canongate

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