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Shadowing Cinema: Raymond Cauchetier, the Photographer of the French New Wave

Anna Karina by Raymond Cauchetier

La Nouvelle Vague proved that there were other paths than those followed by the traditional cinema of the time, and created a new language of film. It broke with cinematic conventions, showing that everything could be questioned, as had already … Read More

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Shadowing Cinema: François Duhamel

Amy Adams in American Hustle by François Duhamel

They dress inconspicuously. They hide behind the crew, around corners, they mingle with the directors and actors, they blend into the background, they become part of the decor. Always looking, always waiting for that shot. That shot that has the … Read More

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Through the Lens of Joni Sternbach: SurfLand

Minnie+Lulu Joni Sternbach

Minnie+Lulu, 06.09.30   How often does it happen to you these days to go back over and over again to a photograph you’ve seen and wonder: How was it made? Very rarely indeed. And how often does it inspire you … Read More

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The Mind’s Eye

The Mind's Eye by Henri Cartier Bresson

  Lessons in looking, seeing and simplicity, from Henri Cartier-Bresson   The independent bookstores. What would we do without them? I believe there would be very few promising new authors, or rare, under-the-radar books to discover. It often happened that … Read More

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One Day That Summer: Rome

Interview with photographer Nicolee Drake

  This past summer I started a series of collaborations with photographers to bring you exclusive stories behind the lens. Titled One Day That Summer, the project was designed to be a celebration of summer, an invitation to discovery, to … Read More

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