Bows & Arrows

My Treasure Hunt 
A while ago I stopped shopping for jewellery in big chain shops or online. I resume to buying locally or on trips (preferably also local brands and, in both cases, hand-made, if possible). Not only is this an attempt to shop more responsibly, but having an item with your own memories linked to it simply makes perfect sense to me (and makes me actually wear it instead of tossing it away, which usually happens when I purchase something on a whim). This brass bangle, recently tracked down at an open-air fair in a park in Amsterdam, has been my favourite of late, and I think it will stay this way for a while. Ever since I had our son last year, I have been looking for something symbolic, no name inscription or letter charm, nothing over the top or unreasonably expensive just for the sake of marking the occasion. I wanted something subtle that would hold a special meaning to me, nothing more. This one has an arrow design, the very detail I wanted. There are many significances to be associated with this symbol, but the things I think of and what I want it to mean are: boy, childhood, games, free spirit, adventure, treasure hunts (have I mentioned the brand of my token is called My Treasure Hunt?), aiming for something great.

photos by me/for Classiq

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