Anna Westerlund: A New Language for Jewellery

Anna Westerlund modelling her jewellery line

I am a seeker of genuine style. In people, as well as in brands. Brands made from passion and which conjure up that concept of value, craftsmanship, quality, storytelling. And when the two, people and brand, merge, inspiration abounds. In a time when marketers and mainstream brands thrive on the consumers’ fabricated desire for more, there are people who make things only by their own hand, remain true to their beliefs and style, and keep us grounded, making us aware that the only thing we care to (and which we should) project is our own selves.

Anna Westerlund is one of those stylish makers. She is a daily inspiration for me: through her beautiful handmade ceramics, through her being a wife and mother (of four!), though her drive, thoughtfulness, creativity and warmth which she somehow manages to transmit even if I haven’t yet met her in person. She harnersses that effortless, real beauty vibe that I’m always grasping for. Anna has been creating the most special ceramic objects that are meant to make people happy and bring joy to everyday life, so when she recently forayed into jewellery making, I had to find out more. Here is what Anna says about her new found language for jewellery.

Anna Westerlund jewellery | photos: Anna Westerlund Ceramics

What is your first memory of fashion, or better yet, style?
When I was a teenager I went to a quite conservative school and dressed a bit different than most of the students. I think it was at that time that I understood that clothes tell something about who wears them.

Is creating a jewellery line something you’ve wanted to do for a long time or is it something that only more recently you’ve shown interest in?
When I studied ceramics, I also studied jewellery making, so it is something I have wanted to do for a long time, but only recently I felt I found a language for jewellery that matched my ceramics.

Your pieces of jewellery are the most beautiful, delicate and unique ceramics accessories I have seen and they clearly reflect your designer vision I have appreciated for so long in your other creations. I guess the word I am looking for for best describing your jewelry is “individual” and that’s why I believe they speak so well to the modern woman. They are meant to be a tool for self-expression, but also a reflection of a life lived with intention. They seem created with the idea that they are not special-occasion jewellery, but jewellery you can wear everyday that becomes part of you, and I love that (the lucky charm I wear daily is proof of that). And I have the feeling they reflect your own personal style and lifestyle.
Thank you so much for these kind words! I have quite a simple personal style and love to wear an accessory that changes what I am wearing, and it is in that way that I think the jewellery collection reflects me. Like a pop of colour that brings out your style and changes everything (insert smile).

Speaking of colour, the colours you use are fabulous and they instantly put a smile on my face. They are meant to make the wearer happy, that’s my first thought. How do you choose the colours?
I love colours and to mix them together and see how different combinations work together. Ceramic is a material where you can not always mix colors as you can with normal paint, but it is exactly that that makes it more exciting.

Do you have any particular sources of inspiration for your jewellery?
I am addicted to beautiful magazines, they are a great inspiration for everything! But I also draw a lot and from drawings grow new combinations of forms.

Are you going to carry a permanent collection or will you create only limited edition pieces at certain intervals of time?
This is always my big question, because if I create only limited editions people are always asking for pieces I don´t have anymore. So I started doing both, a permanent collection with limited edition pieces.

Can you tell me a little about (together) concept store?
Together is a long time dream! It is an Anna Westerlund shop in the way that it is my shop, carrying all the collections, one off pieces and new ones that I am testing. It works a little bit like a scenery where I can test new ideas and having that permanent stage for my pieces is amazing. But at Together we mix my ceramics with other brands that I feel compliment my work and makes the experience of who visits us richer. I think it would be boring if it was just ceramics!

Anna Westerlund jewellery | photos: Anna Westerlund Ceramics


Website: / Instagram: @annawesterlundceramics
(together) by Anna Westerlund: @together_lisboa
Largo da Trindade, 17. 1200-466 Lisbon


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