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Franca: Chaos and Creation

Vogue Italia by Franca Sozzani

  I have always taken good care of my collection of magazines, just as I have of our books and films. To be honest, both my husband and I were a little freaked out at first of the day our … Read More

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Winter Sun

Heidi America fall 2016

  Heidi Merrick is a brand I keep coming back to (I have been watching it grow beautifully and organically over the years) whenever I feel I have distanced myself from everything I don’t like in today’s fashion and feel … Read More

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Giorgio Armani: The Book

Giorgio Armani Book

  The man and the fashion designer Giorgio Armani, in his own words. It couldn’t get better than this. The man is discrete, meticulous, honest, uncompromising, loyal, constant, determined, perfectionist, loathing exhibitionism and excesses, whose trust is hard to gain, … Read More

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Interview ZOOBEETLE Paris

Interview Zoobeetle Paris-Classiq

  ZOOBEETLE Paris is a “sisters’ story”, as its founders, Elsa Lepeu and Johanna Lepeu El Iman beautifully call it. A personal touch that inherently conveys a desire to create something special, to be cherished and with a lasting importance, … Read More

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The Perfect Fall Wardrobe, Made Easy

Fall Coat Cuyana 2016

  You know how I always talk about men’s style, that they do it better, simpler, easier? Well, coming across the image above made me say: They did it! “They” as in Cuyana, one of my favourite women’s apparel brands. … Read More

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