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A New Sweden: Interview with Lisa Bergstrand

A New Sweden is a brand that is challenging the standards of sustainable fashion itself. In my interview with founder Lisa Bergstrand, Read More

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A Son’s Love Letter to His Mother

Franca: Chaos and Creation, Francesco Carrozzini’s documentary film about his mother, Franca Sozzani, is an intimate and emotional portrait of the legendary Vogue a Italia editor-in-chief, a moving mother-son story. Read More

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When Art Meets Fashion: Interview with Marguerite Bartherotte

Interview with Marguerite Bartherotte

G.Kero is the kind of brand that harnersses that singular beauty vibe that makes the difference between fashion and style. Read More

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Umana Riservatezza

Brunello Cucinelli umana riservatezza

Umana riservatezza. Human privacy. This phrase. This phrase has never had more meaning than now. And this Brunello Cucinelli campaign. It speaks a thousand words and my own thoughts, thoughts I sometimes believe I should speak more often.   Brunello … Read More

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Introducing: The Out of Africa Capsule Collection

Out of Africa Cuffs - Classiq Shop

Our Out of Africa capsule collection is inspired by the film by the same name directed by Sydney Pollack, with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in the lead roles. What inspired me the most, from the stylistic point of view, … Read More

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