Vrai & Oro

Live Authentic. That’s what Vrai & Oro, a newly launched fine jewellery brand, based in Los Angeles, wants to inspire. Vrai means truth in French and oro means gold in Spanish and Italian. Their philosophy is “Quality. Simplicity. Transparency.” The jewellery is made of solid gold and diamonds, it’s produced locally, in Los Angeles, it is not created for fast fashion, but for everlasting style, and it is offered online-only without the usual retail markups.

In today’s world, we are witnessing a shift in cultural values towards something different and more meaningful. Quality and authenticity are being reaffirmed. How and where a product is made is starting to be carefully considered. We are finally searching again for artisanal manufacturing and starting to question fast fashion. Vrai & Oro upholds all these values, inviting you to hold onto what’s real. Furthermore, they offer beautiful jewellery, the kind you can wear every day: a daily luxury of understated sophistication.

My personal favourite pieces are the necklaces, but only because I can’t wear earrings and because the only ring I wear is my wedding ring. They work so nicely taken separately, but they are also great for layering. Maybe it’s because of my new short hair cut, but I have found a new interest in delicate necklaces: individuality, not “statement necklaces”, is the best way to make a style statement. You can learn more about the Vrai & Oro story and visit their shop by following the link.



photos: courtesy of Vrai & Oro

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