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Scarves for water Obakki Foundation

Scarves forester Obakki foundation  
I love a beautiful scarf. It’s, hands down, the fashion item I purchase most often, and the one I reach for almost every time I walk out the door – I think it has become rather essential for livening up another day in jeans. And although the aesthetic remains the first consideration when buying, I have realised that, in time, what I appreciate the most (and what manages to make it from one year to the next) is a piece that has something more attached to it – whether it was a gift from someone dear, marks a special occasion (or just the change of season), or makes you a part of a change.

Scarves for water. The name says it all. Fashion designer Treana Peake and her Obakki Foundation never seize to impress me, setting one of the most wonderful examples of how fashion can genuinely make a difference. Yes, these are words that may have been used too liberally lately – I myself look away skeptical when I hear or read them. But here is where Obakki and The Obakki Foundation do things differently.

The three new limited edition scarves they have recently launched – Cobalt (blue), Maize (gold) and Sand (taupe) – are not only beautiful (I love a socially conscious fashion designer who puts price on a beautiful design, besides the greater purpose it aims for), a great autumn accessory and a wonderful idea for the approaching gift-giving season, but every 500 scarves sold will build a clean water well in an identified village in South Sudan. A meaningful, simple, transparent way to make the lives of villagers and their children’s better and safer, and to bring hope to their future. And that, I believe, is the best kind of fashion statement you can make with your clothes (even if you are the only one who knows it).
photos: courtesy of Obakki

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