As Christmas and The New Year approach, along with all the excitement and joy, there is also a little sadness and a reflective mood taking over. Sadness because I can’t help thinking of my dear ones who are no longer among us to share these happy moments with. Reflection because I inevitably start to ponder upon the good things and the bad things that have happened (my see-the-full-half-of-the-glass way of being always tips the balance on the good things) and achievements of the year that’s about to end.

On my blog I share my passion for fashion, film, photography, and everything I find beautiful, creative and lifestyle inspiring. They can be categorised as trivial things. It doesn’t mean that my life, or any blogger’s for that matter, is one happy Christmas bauble year long. We all go through tragedies, health problems, stressful times, work overload, moments when we are at a loss when a terrible thing happens somewhere in the world. If I don’t share my opinion it doesn’t mean I don’t care. The fact that I’m a very private person and that I don’t like my life to be an open book for everyone to pry into doesn’t mean I try to hide from reality. Far from it. Maybe this is hard to understand in these times when everyone feels the need (why?) to share their every move and thought on social media. Some moments are more special when kept personal, some memories deserve to be cherished alone, some words are better off thought over.

But as trivial as it may seem sometimes, compared to our daily lives, my blog has helped me go through some difficult periods in my life. The writing, the visual inspiration, the research for a post, the fact that I do this with an immeasurable passion, this all has an up-lifting effect on me. It’s surprised me too. And if when you open Classiq, you see something you like, you are inspired by a story or learn something new, then I am happy that you can consider it one of those little things that put a smile on your face, those little things that I believe everyday happiness lies in.

With a business and this blog to attend to, I don’t have much time left for anything else. I prefer to spend the little spare time with my husband, family or close friends rather than attending all the events I’m always invited to. In case some of you were wondering (that, and the fact that mingling with the people who usually frequent these events and parties is not my cup of tea, no offense intended). So my advice is to, at least for the holidays, take a step back, a break from the madding world, give your family your full attention and enjoy the quite days between years. It will do you good.

And with this said, I’m ready to embrace the merry spirit of the holidays. Have a wonderful weekend! A new film feature is up this weekend and I will see you back here on Christmas Eve with my Christmas wishes.

photo: by me

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