Photography: Horst P. Horst

One of the old masters of fashion photography, Horst P. Horst worked for Vogue for 60 years, which included 87 covers for the magazine, and was one of the most significant fashion and portrait photographers of the twentieth century. A true artist with an incredible compositional sense, his photography ranging from incredibly romantic, defining glamour and capturing the innate elegance of the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s, to surrealist, from the poised, sophisticated portraits of the leading figures in the arts, movies and society of his time, to his groundbreaking detail shots he did later in his career. The last photo is Horst’s most iconic fashion image, a model seen from behind, wearing a partially tied, back-laced corset made by Detolle. To think how photographers used to do everything with so few devices, inventing techniques and playing with decor, light and shadow and simply putting their talent to work, is more than surreal for the times we live in.

photos: Horst P Horst Classic Photography

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