The Thelma & Louise Style

Thelma and Louise Style 
Don’t we all get a little more adventurous during the summer? And what better time to revisit the Thelma and Louise style? You don’t have to take the Thelma & Louise adventure ad litteram though. I’ll just stick to the clothes – Elizabeth McBride was the costume designer. It’s this look in particular in fact, when, way into the story (of the two working-class friends, Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon, who hit the road, and freed from their past, discover themselves, become fearless and have the ride of their lifetime), they have given up the heavy make-up and overly stylized clothes, and become all natural and effortlessly cool.

With their disheveled and dusty looks, weather-beaten tan, high waist blue jeans, white or graphic rock’n roll tank tops (their t-shirts become symbols of rediscovered sisterhood), cowboy boots, Susan’s neckerchief made of the sleeves of a denim shirt, and cat-eye sunglasses, they “become more and more natural, but more and more beautiful as it goes on and by the end… just these mythical looking creatures”, as director Ridley Scott said. It’s very American, simple, free-spirited, sexy, and timeless.

photo: still from the film | MGM

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