The Shearling Jacket: Who Has Worn It Best

Steve McQueen by William Claxton 1960s 
Baby, it’s cold (and heavy snow) outside! A shearling jacket or a quilted coat are about the only decent type of outerwear you can trustfully reach for to beat the winter chills, and there is no doubt which one scores more style points. And, as it always happens when I want to make the case for an enduring piece of clothing, it is the men who say more, in much less. I don’t know why, but women often wear one item or one unnecceary detail too many, even in their most minimalist approaches to dressing. A preferably tan suede or brown leather shearling jacket looks classically cool, rugged and masculine, either with a sweater, with a denim shirt and sweater, with a plain sweatshirt, or even a denim jacket underneath, atop a checked shirt. Us women can simply follow suit.

PS: I do not condone smoking, I couldn’t be more against it actually, but when it comes to movie characters and screen persona, I must say I relate entirely with this opinion: Thank you for smoking.
Alain Delon shearling coat

Ralph Lauren shearling coat Ralph Lauren shearling jacket
Robert Redford shearling coat

photos: 1-Steve McQueen by William Claxton, 1960s / 2-Alain Delon, circa 1960s (source unknown) / 3,4-Ralph Lauren (Getty images) / 5-Robert Redford in Downhill Racer, 1969 (Wildwood / Paramount Pictures)

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