JORD Wood Watch: The Cora Maple & Silver

We are in the heart of autumn. The mornings are crisp, the mist is hovering a little longer than those early hours, the golden afternoons fly by in what seems like mere minutes, you start to reach for the comfort of an extra layer and take full advantage of the fall style I, for one, long for the entire year, and look to cosy up at home a little earlier every evening. It’s about the best time to embrace all things simple, feel-good, real and authentic. And welcome new ones that promise to become mainstays, and even story tellers, in your life. My Cora Maple & Silver JORD wood watch is one of them.
JORD wood watch - Classiq
I am more than pleased to have been invited to join the JORD wood watches team. I have an ongoing love story with watches, but trying to pin down my fascination with timepieces is not exactly easy. It just is. I know I like the history behind, the functionality, the dynamism they engage, the nod to menswear style. But I like them as stand-alone accessories, too. The kind that have become part of my everyday look – and now, that my schedule revolves around a baby for the time being, it’s less about telling the time and more about appreciating the moments…, and being my little (much-needed) daily luxury.

That said, when I was asked to choose a luxury watch from the JORD collection, I knew what I was looking for – simplicity, elegance, high standard, timelessness. But when my watch arrived, from St. Louis, Missouri, I was surprised with much more – craftsmanship, attention to details, quality mechanical engineering, character. And a new experience.

JORD is the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian word for earth. There is something about my new watch that commands authenticity and purposefulness.

More wood watch-Cora Maple and Silver-Classiq
What finally made me settle for the Cora Maple & Silver model (a next to impossible task when I have to choose a watch) was the classic and clean design and the natural wooden, nude-tinged hue, which make it very versatile to wear. What has made me love it even more once I started wearing it is that it is is even more understated than I had anticipated, it’s incredibly light, it is automatic (those seconds I steal every morning to wind it truly feel like a luxury, too, and a much sought for me-moment) and it has an open case back revealing the mechanism beneath (that only adds to the sense of craftsmanship and beautiful design). The watch is hand-finished and made of natural maple wood, it features a sapphire crystal glass and Swarovski crystal markers. And last, but not least, the packaging was beautiful, too. I give importance to well thought packaging, just as I do to a beautiful book cover. The watch came in a wooden box, secured inside around a herringbone fabric (another nice touch) cushion. Every little detail was inviting me to remember to savour the journey I was about to start with my new timepiece. I know I will.


This blog post is in partnership JORD wood watches. Wooden Watch Review
Opinions and thoughts, entirely my own. Photos: by me and exclusively for Classiq.

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