Voici le temps des assassins

Les temps des assassins

by guest writer

Voici le temps des assassins (1956) is a most notable film noir of the late 50’s signed by Julien Duvivier. The director is probably the greatest exponent of the Poetic Realism movement that characterized 1930s France. His career began in the late 1910 as assistant director to Louis Feuillade, among others. The accomplishments he made throughout his filmography are nevertheless as important. To name just a few: Au bonheur des dames (1930), Maria Chapdelaine (1934), La Bandera (1935), Pepe Le Moko (1937), Le diable et les 10 commandements (1962), and his final movie, Diaboliquement votre (1967).

Duvivier made seven films with Jean Gabin and this one is the last of them. Andre Chatelin (Gabin) is the naive restaurant owner in Le Halle, Paris, who comes, by chance or not, to relive his past. As it usually happens in noir films, a young woman, Catherine (Daniele Delorme), of questionable morality, finds a way to control him. What really stikes in Voici le temps des assassins is how fate takes its place into the whole picture. It is wonderful to see Gabin’s performance and charisma at the might of his talent.

photo: film still / credit

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