Transitional Pieces: The Cable-Knit Tennis Cardigan

Transitional Pieces-The Cable-Knit Tennis Cardigan-Cover Magazine June-July 2014


Well-crafted and retaining a casual elegance, the cable-knit tennis cardigan (or sweater, whichever is the case) is an Ivy League staple and adds a borrowed-from-the-boys touch to a woman’s style. It’s perfect for these in-between seasons evenings, not only because it keeps you warm, but also because of its ivory/off-white colour and blue and red bands (that’s the classic colour palette for the cable-knit tennis sweater), which seem to hold on to summer. And paired with blue jeans, well, that’s just timeless, classic American style.
photo: Rasmus Skousen for Cover Magazine June/July 2014 | Lone Praesto is styled by Emelie Johansson

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