Tomas Maier Resort Collection

Tomas Maier Resort 2015-2 
White button-down, denim dress, shirt dress, skinny jeans, safari dress, pea coat, the little black dress, trouser suit, pointy flats, espadrilles, and every imaginable type of bag: these are all wardrobe essentials, and they are all part of the latest Tomas Maier Resort collection. I intentionally left out the year, because the selection of items in the line can easily form a timeless wardrobe. Trends have no place in this equation. Elegant leisure is what permeates the entire collection and I see the Tomas Maier woman as a woman perfectly relaxed in her comfortable, sleek and minimal silhouettes. Simple, yet luxurious resort wear with a feminine sensibility that, for me, translates into the very definition of modern womenswear.
Tomas Maier Resort 2015

Tomas Maier Resort 2015-5

Tomas Maier Resort 2015-8Tomas Maier Resort 2015-1
Tomas Maier Resort 2015-10
Tomas Maier Resort 2015-4

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Tomas Maier Resort 2015-3

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