Tokens of Summer | Point Break Inspired

Tokens of summer - Point Break inspired 
Like every next person I suppose, to some extent, when it comes to style, I am inspired by what I see in the street and by the confluence of so many other things, people, moments and places. But the biggest influence remains the cinema. Female movie characters, sure, but even more so, the men’s style. And don’t pull that men-get-better-roles-than-women trick on me! I have my very own opinion on the matter and let’t just leave it at that. This is about men’s style. It’s just better.

Remember Point Break? The 1991 original, silly, of course! The one with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves and beautifully directed by Kathryn Bigelow. I will talk a little more about it in an upcoming post (my list of summer movies just got bigger), but there is something more about it that has stuck with me ever since I watched it a few years back: Patrick Swayze’s Bodhi’s surf subculture look. Free, spirit-seeking, timeless. The faded, relaxed t-shirts and distressed tank tops, the salt-washed denim, that great hair that flowed in the wind and absorbed the waves, the necklace, the understated surf bracelet. The kind of classic beach staples that look just as good now as they did back then. This summer has been all about that kind of bracelets, I haven’t taken them off. (Where did that girl that never ever wore jewellery go? I have ho idea, but the thing is I like this one more.) (As a general rule though, I stick to no more than three pieces and no more than two colours, and by that I mean black and the gold in the other one – I guess some things truly never change). I believe they are made to be worn in the summertime, because the less you wear, the more impact a wrist bracelet can have. They can convey the entire message of your look and state of mind. But the best part remains, without a doubt, that they have already begun to weave meaning and memories.

I can not end this blog post without mentioning the summer games. So here is to a sporting life, o jeito carioca, Rio, fair play and the Olympic spirit!

photo by me

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