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Simplicity, pared-down femininity and free-spirited attitude. That’s how I would describes Chloé. And that’s exactly what I like about Chloé. It was Gaby Aghion who, in 1952, invented the revolutionary idea of luxury prêt-à-porter and founded the maison, the first high-end Paris fashion house to sell exclusively ready-to-wear clothing – this alone would be enough reason for me to look closely. The book Chloé: Attitudes is out and, from what I’ve seen, it’s a good reference point for the world of Chloé, and a beautiful one too to keep on your coffee table.

Chloe Fall 2010-2

Chloe Fall 2010-1Chloe Fall 2010-3

I like practical clothes, and I like that Chloé clothes are functional, but undeniably feminine. Although I’ve always loved a feminine-masculine aesthetic, what I admire about this brand is that ease you seldom meet in women’s wear, while all the elements whisper with elegance and stay feminine. I think I would consider wearing frills only on a Chloé dress or skirt. And yes, I often have the impression that, under the name of Chloé, pants, bermudas and shorts disregard their origins and look like they were made for women from the very beginning. Because the Chloé women is modern, independent, self-confident, energetic, but she never forgets she’s a woman, she’s not afraid to show her soft and delicate side, that’s what makes her so unique.


Chloe Resort 2013

Chloe Resort 2013-3Chloe Resort 2013-

One element that has always helped shape the brand’s playful essence and effortless sense of elegance were the advertising campaigns. That’s why the outdoors are a consistent leitmotif in their campaigns. “The Chloé girl is about a lightness of spirit and easy cool. She’s not precious or contrived. So nature and the outdoors are a fitting context for the Chloé girl. It reinforces that ease and authenticity.” (Fabien Baron of Baron & Baron, Chloé’s creative agency)


Apart from the clothes, the accessories are what further enhance the brand’s appeal. The finest leather and hardware, exquisite craftsmanship, and effortless and chic in style. If not already a classic, they feel like future classics. There is the jewellery too, something I rarely wear, but every season I find myself coveting a piece by Chloé. Never showy, statement pieces that are new and interesting, yet you know you’ll have them forever, because they can’t date. That’s the secret of Chloé’s style: its newness and youthfulness feel, are timeless.

Chloe Spring 2014

Chloe Fall 2013Chloe Resort 2013-2

“Light sets the mood for the Chloé world – but not just any light. Think of a ray of sunlight coming through the blinds on a summer’s day, Mediterranean light bouncing off the sea. It’s the kind of light that naturally shined for Chloé founder, Egyptian-born Gaby Aghion.

Caressed with the warmth of natural light, the Chloé woman feels free – happy, smiling, youthful. This is reflected in the light, sandy shades used in Chloé collections and the light touch that Chloé takes to fashion.” (


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photos: 1,5,9: Garance Doré / 2-4: Chloé Fall 2010, via / 6-8: Chloé Resort 2013 collection, via / 10: Chloé Spring 2014, via / 11,12: Chloé Fall 2013, via

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