Editorial: The Stone Roses at Golden Hour

There’s something about a 1980s soundtrack and a long summer’s day evening at golden hour, when the heat is finally starting to defuse (we are living through a heatwave – are you, too?), that seems to, you want it to, stretch on forever. I have always loved the music of the ‘80s, but watching Some Kind of Wonderful a couple of weeks ago (reportedly, John Hughes wrote the script on the soundtrack and the fact is that every song matches beat for beat each sequence) forged a newly found appreciation for the sound and the charged atmosphere of the music of that decade and for everything else it stood for.

“We were focusing on our own obsessions, problems, and frustrations, but also adding in romance instead of just negativity,” writes Billy Idol in his book, Dancing with Myself. “With our slightly more straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll direction, we picked up an audience that wasn’t exclusively punk. So we outraged some purists but drew in music lovers and started to create the larger-than-life images that went beyond punk and into the ‘80s.”

The Stone Roses’ self titled 1989 album is the current mood. It has its own place on the playlist of an endless summer.

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