The Simplest Beauty Trick: Drinking Water

A simple beauty secret: drinking water 
I am certainly not an expert in beauty regimes and I most certainly do not have a rigorous daily beauty routine. I like to keep things simple and I’ve always been an adept of an as natural approach as possible, from healthy eating habits to organic skincare products which subsequently have a direct impact on your skin.

But this blog post is not about all-natural ingredients beauty products, and to be honest, too many companies use much too lightly the phrase “all natural” these days, which only makes me raise even more questions before caring to try their stuff. This is about one beauty secret that we often forget about and don’t give it the importance we should: drinking water. That simple.

There have been times when, from one reason or another, I didn’t use any moisturiser for months in a row, and despite of that, if I drank enough water (more than 2 litres and more than you think you need) my skin maintained its elasticity, glow and freshness. My friend also confessed to me that the consumption of plenty of water helped her eliminate the fine lines and plumps. I have to admit that I’ve been lucky enough to have good complexion (my genes definitely have a saying in that, as my grandmother still has great complexion at 82) and I’ve never paid much attention to beauty treatments (the beauty sections in magazines have always been non-existent for me, not that I would ever trust their paid opinions). So that is to say I am not giving advice, but am simply sharing something that has worked on me and that makes a huge difference (you don’t have to be a nutritionist to know the benefits of hydration for your overall health) even if, in addition, your skin requires a more intensive care.

Getting into the habit of drinking at very least of 2 litres (the very minimum) of water a day may not be that easy. I realise that, because I’ve been striving for too long to make my mother drink more water than she does. But what has rapidly worked for me is having a glass or bottle of water close by at all times, whether it’s on your desk, your living-room coffee table or in your bag. It can so easily become a reflex. And the bonus of consuming enough water daily is that you eat less too. I think this brings in even more motivation for every woman, right?

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