The Ralph Lauren style

It is the show I look forward to the most at every New York Fashion Week. It’s not the fashion, but the style I want to see. It is distinctive, timeless, a medley of classic and modern, a Ralph Lauren staple. There it is again in his Fall 2012 collection, the part I loved the most: the boy-meets-girl part. First the country bohemian look, which Ralph does better than the English: the tweeds and plaids, the Fair Isle knitwear, the garçon caps and cloche hats. And then the tailored trouser suits, dapper menswear inspired, with top-hats and canes, glammed up by the cuts, the luxurious fabrics, the jewelry and high heels and, well, by the grace of the women wearing the clothes.

Have you noticed the set, the carved dark wood entrance and the runway parquet floor? At Ralph Lauren every little detail is carefully chosen, because it’s the whole image, the lifestyle that he presents to us and that he sells season after season.

“I have always loved the heritage and romance of England. My collection for Fall 2012 is about a modern glamour inspired by the timeless character and refined elegance of an authentic way of living.” Ralph Lauren

I have to make one more mention: the look above, strikingly reminding me of one of Katharine Hepburn’s costumes in Woman of the Year, wearing a velvet tuxedo jacket and trousers, designed by none other than Adrian.

I hope your week is off to a great start!

quote: the Ralph Lauren website

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