The printed white t-shirt

Almost always I prefer a plain or striped t-shirt. Simple, elegant, versatile. But as of late I have found myself looking for a proper printed tee. Come to think of it, I guess I have always had a soft spot for a printed white t-shirt. It’s just that I never find a good one. Good t-shirts are difficult to find in general and it’s something very curious about that because they are a key element in the modern wardrobe in my opinion. My new Zara tee has all the qualities I was looking for: it’s made of linen, it has a loose fit and a chic pattern that makes it appropriate to be paired with tuxedo trousers as well as with pencil skirts and jeans (have already sported all these looks). I know prints are very tricky and it’s hard to draw some lines you can follow. It all resumes to that feeling you have that that’s the right one when you see it.

photo: by me

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