The Night of the Generals

by guest writer

The Night of the Generals-1967
The Night of the Generals is perhaps one of Peter O’toole’s most notorious films. Directed by Ukrainian born Anatole Litvak, The Night of the Generals (1967) is one of the quintessential WWII movies through its composition. Bearing a veil of mystery at the same time, you are led to believe the train of bad events never stops. General Tanz (Peter O’toole) is the youngest of the three generals sought by Major Grau (Omar Sharif) of the German Intelligence unit in connection to a curious murder that took place. Tanz’s tenacious behavior makes him the least expected suspect when Grau begins his manhunt. Peter O’toole versatility is probably at his highest among his early productions accounting for his great talent. Being able to change façades from a worthy soldier to a decadent human being with no limits, Tanz will remain one Peter’s legacies left to eternity.

photo: film poster | credit: Columbia Pictures

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