Teacher’s Pet

teacher's pet-1958

This week I’m writing the film feature myself, as Teacher’s Pet, directed by George Seaton, starring Clark Gable and Doris Day, is my all-time favourite comedy. It simply struck a cord in me the very first time I saw it, and even if I love Ernst Lubitsch’s and Billy Wilder’s comedies, Teacher’s Pet grows on me more every time I watch it again.

Clark Gable plays Jim Gannon, a self-educated, hard-hearted newspaper editor, who hates the educated and despises journalism schools. That’s until he meets lovely professor Erica Stone (Doris Day). Intrigued by her, he masquerades as a novice in her class, and soon, becoming attracted to her, begins a campaign to romance Erica. Gig Young, in an Oscar-nominated portrayal of a handsome, sharp-tailored, self-confident young psychologist, dr. Hugo Pine, who seems to know everything, plays his competitor in winning Erica’s heart. The scene with the three of them in the restaurant, when each man tries to prove his various skills in front of Doris, makes me laugh with tears every time. Teacher’s Pet is a comedy with class, spirited, sensible, charming, funny, in which good humour comes together with a good life lesson, two ingredients that always win me over.

doris day-clark gable-teacher's pet 1958

teacher's pet 1958

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

photos: stills from the film, captured by me from this DVD edition/ credit: Perlsea Company and Paramount Pictures Corporation

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