Summer styles: Jil Sander 2010

jil sander spring 2010-6

A raw, earthy elegance. Summer classics like shirt dresses, safari dresses, linen pencil skirt- and pant suits, chic shorts and light coats, utilitarian jackets, little white, nude or black dresses, they all came roughly-cut, with unfinished edges and sheared and frayed hems. I haven’t overlooked the lace-up rope sandals and those rustic platforms either. Beautifully engineered pieces, each detail carefully considered, but feeling undone and easy to wear. That’s what I find fascinating about these clothes: they breath summer.

jil sander spring summer 2010-8jil sander spring summer 2010

jil sander spring summer 2010-5jil sander spring 2010-3jil sander spring 2010-4

jil sander spring summer 2010-2jil sander spring 2010_1jil sander spring summer 2010-10

jil sander spring summer 2010-3

jil sander spring summer 2010-7jil sander spring summer 2010-13

jil sander spring 2010-9jil sander spring summer 2010-1jil sander spring 2010-2

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