Summer Playlist

Summer playlist 
Many of you may have already taken their summer holidays. I hear people wanting to get ahead with their September plans. And the shops have already moved on to the autumn collections – I refuse to acknowledge them. I am still very much in full summer mode (despite our hot weather that often makes it hard to take advantage of the outdoors when we are in the city). Summer is the place to be right now (I don’t even want to use the expression late summer), so I say live it! Remember summer vacation as kids? Summer remains the time to reclaim that childhood feeling of being entirely free of responsibility. Discover dinosaurs in the clouds. Daydream. Build something by yourself. Play (or run) in the sand. Walk barefoot in the park. Get wet (the sea, a pool, a hose, a sprinkle, anything will do – my fifteen months old son has just reminded me that).

Summer is like a happy child, it finds joy in the simplest and most unexpected things. You should try it too. To celebrate, here is my summer playlist. The songs I have been listening to at home, on the road or while away these months (no wonder so many of them feature road rides in their clips). Some old, some new (I discovered Duke Dumont’s Ocean Drive thanks to my son, who caught the rhythm on radio and started frolicking and every time I play it for him does the same, so it’s fair to say it’s become a regular lately – he does love music in general, true, but has some definite favourites), and some newer ones of some of the greats, like Bruce Springsteen and Billy Idol (I am happy to see them still so active on the music front). Some of the songs sing of carefree summer (Kokomo is just plain fun), while others have a certain something that I personally associate with summer, like Simon & Garfunkle’s Mrs. Robinson on which I can play the entire movie The Graduate in my head, one of my all time favourite summer films; or David Bowie’s Heroes, which I simply love playing on repeat when I am on the road. Special credit goes to my husband and my brother, who are the ones I always trust to point out great music to me and remind me what I like (which they know better than I do).

1. Girls in Their Summer Clothes, Bruce Springsteen

2. Le vent nous portera, Noir Désir

3. Chan Chan, Buena Vista Social Club

4. The Boys of Summer, The Ataris

5. Mrs. Robinson, Simon & Garfunkle

6. Supersoaker, Kings Of Leon

7. Ocean Drive, Duke Dumont

8. Save Me Now, Billy Idol

9. Heroes, David Bowie

10. Message in A Bottle, The Police

11. Scar Tissue, Red Hot Chili Peppers

12. Kokomo, The Beach Boys

13. I Drove All Night, Cyndi Lauper

14. Heart of Glass, Blondie

15. In Between Days, The Cure

16. Brass in Pocket, The Pretenders

17. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer, John Lee Hooker

18. Sway, Bic Runga

19. Riding with the King, B.B. King ft. Eric Clapton

20. Last Nite, The Strokes

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