“Letter to You”: 22.09

Probably some of the best news of the few good news we’ve had all year is that Bruce Springsteen is going to release a new album, Letter to You, on October 23rd. There is nothing more motivating and hopeful than artists going about their work as usual. In strange times, in hard times, in changing times, music has always played a crucial role. Bruce Springsteen’s music, too.

I remember how I was deeply moved by the story behind the cover photo for the album Born to Run, 1975, designed by in-house Columbia art director John Berg, taken by Eric Meola and featuring Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons. “We used it to invent ourselves, our friendship, our partnership on an epic scale. […] When the cover is closed, the album front is a very charming photo of a young, white, punk rock ‘n’ roller. But when it opens, a band is born and a tall tale begins. […] When you saw that cover, it was filled with the resonance, the mythology, of rock’s past, and a freshness calling toward its future,” explains Bruce in his autobiography. This kind of story gets to you, just like his music does. We need this kind of stories, we need to keep telling stories and we need to turn to each other to tell them.

So here are some more new songs, released this year, that I love, from various musicians, including Springsteen’s first single from the new album. Here is the soundtrack of this September. Documenting life through the music we are listening to.




Face It · · · Sound to Screen · · · But Beautiful

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