Shirt Stories: Emma Elwin

Shirt stories - Emma Elwin - Classiq Journal

You always notice the person wearing a great shirt.
A classic that holds just as much appeal as a perfect
pair of jeans. Shirt Stories is about the men and
women who wear it well.

Emma Elwin is the co-founder of the Swedish online magazine Make it last, a platform that emphasises and embraces sustainability and genuine style, providing authentic content and catering to audiences whose interest and beliefs transcend the traditions fashion system. We need this kind of inspiration and guidance towards living life as a conscient choice and mindful shopping. I subscribe to Make it last’s ethos that sustainability is the guide to growth, both in regards to personal style and in a business sense.

As soon as you see Emma Elwin, it’s clear from her look that she is into timeless style, and by that I don’t mean just the kind of style that is easy and true to oneself and relevant regardless of trends and seasonal must-haves, but the kind that merges aesthetics and ethics. Because that’s the only definition of style that will make sense from now on.

Shirt Stories - Emma Elwin - Classiq Journal
photos: Make it last

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Shirt stories - Classiq Journal

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