Roeckl: the art of making accessories

From the finest leather gloves, timeless bags and the most beautifully printed scarves, Roeckl has stolen my heart for good. This season’s collection has become more of an endless Christmas wish-list and if I were to name just a few I would choose this bowling bag in an incredibly elegant wool-leather combination, this red flap bagthese ‘silver contact fabric’ gloves (I love the discrete finger texture contrast, an innovative solution for your touch displays), with cashmere and wool lining, and this gorgeous hat (the hat I’ve been dreaming of). Produced in their own manufactories, with the best possible fabrics like leather, silk and cashmere, they are the result of passion, know-how and attention to detail. A family-owned business that has made it its philosophy not to compromise quality over anything: the handwork still plays an essential role in the making of every single product. Over 172 years six generations have devoted themselves to the same vision: “always better to become”.

If you have a few minutes I invite you to watch the art of making gloves, a peek behind the scenes of the long journey of a pair of gloves. Did you know it takes more than 2000 stitches to sew a glove and that the process is more challenging and complicated than that of any other clothing item? Because a glove must be like a second skin. The cold weather prompted me to reach for my greige Roeckl gloves and I can tell you this: they simply make me feel better dressed. And I think this is the purpose of an accessory, wouldn’t you agree? As they beautifully say, a pair of gloves can be missing puzzle piece to a perfect outfit. I hope your weekend was wonderful. Wishing you all a great week!

photos: Roeckl Fall-Winter 2011 campaign, These images were sourced and edited specifically for Classiq. Please do not use them without linking back to this blog.

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