Reworking the Classics

Reworking the classics  
I’ve been known as someone who usually forgoes almost any kind of jewellery (I haven’t worn earrings in years and if a try a pair on I feel like I am dressed over the top even if the rest of my outfit is as plain as possible), but this look wouldn’t be the same without all the accessorising. It would lose much of its individuality and, quite frankly, I wouldn’t like it just as much. I think it’s important to know your style, but not be trapped in it. A necklace (I would go for something like this) over a knitted sweater paired with a choker scarf looks so fresh and one recurrent style dilemma of mine has for a long time been how to work a bandana wrapped around my wrist on a look that wouldn’t exactly pass as casual – I just love the off-beat, “don’t take fashion too seriously” vibe it sends out.

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