Penélope Cruz: overwhelming

“The true princess of Spain is Penélope,” Pedro Almodóvar said in 2001, “much more so than the king’s daughter.”  Penélope Cruz is his muse. Why it took me so long to finally see Volver I can’t really tell. But the fact is that only last week I saw it and although I had enjoyed Penélope in Almodóvar’s other films (including Broken Embraces), I thought that she has never been better than in Volver. Such depth and easiness in playing, such a pleasure to see her on screen. It took one great director to discover her real talent and introduce us to a great actress at her highest performing capacity. “Pedro would push me to the limit. He really knows how to press all my buttons. You can only go into something like that when it’s somebody you really trust.”

And it took another great director to win her a well deserved Oscar. Penélope is the first Spanish actress to win an Academy Award: her role in Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona is so intense, that it left me a lasting impression of her passion, power of attraction and vulcanic temperament.

“She had a kind of strength that was earthy and eternal-surprising in someone so young.” recalls Almodóvar

Woody Allen: “I don’t want to look at Penelope directly. It is too overwhelming.”

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photos: 1,2-Vanity Fair US November 2009, by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott / 3,4-Vanity Fair Spain April 2009 / 5-Vogue US december 2007, by Annie Leibovitz / 6-Emilio Pereda, link / 7-Vanity Fair US March 2009 Hollywood Issue, by Annie Leibovitz; quotes:

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