One Day That Summer: Camel Safari, Kenya

This year, I am starting to celebrate my favourite season early – it is my reckoning that some of you will happily join me – and I am bringing back One Day That Summer, the photographer interview series I started last summer. Today’s exclusive story behind the lens is from photographer, screenwriter and director Todd Ritondaro, who is taking us to Africa and a unique experience in Northern Kenya.
One Day That Summer - Camel Safari Kenya - Todd Ritondaro 
“This photo is from two summers ago while I was on Camel Safari in Northern Kenya. I had the good fortune of being one of the cameramen on a documentary about elephant poaching in Kenya a few years back and became good friends with the artist and conservationist Alex Beard, who put the whole thing together.

Alex and I went back to do another camel safari, to create art (his painting, my photos) in the bush, which then gets sold to help benefit conservation in Northern Kenya through his organization called The Watering Hole Foundation.

The camel safari is a pretty unique experience. It’s a week camping in a few different spots in the middle of nowhere in Northern Kenya among herds of elephants and all sorts of wildlife. All your senses fire 100 percent and you slip into the natural rhythm of nature. There is nothing else like it.”

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