On the Trails of 007

On the Trails of James Bond Issos beach Corfu 
This time last week I was still basking in the sun of Corfu island. I would be lying if I said that the fact that the James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only was partly filmed there didn’t play a part in my choice of our latest vacation in Greece. When we arrived at Issos beach, on the southwest coast of Corfu (the Achillion Palace and the Old Fortress in Corfu Town, Paleokastritsa Bay and Pagi village were also among the filming locations – we didn’t get to visit the latter one, because hopping on the island with a two-year-old is quite an adventure in itself), on our second day on the island and casually mentioned it to my husband (I had kept it to myself), he gave me a you-are-definitely-a-bigger-film-fanatic-than-I-am kind of look. Although, I had been known to check out filming locations before for holiday destinations.

And, to be 100% honest, this little 007 fact is also the reason why I am sharing a few images today. It was our son’s first seaside holiday (we have a sea lover!) and it was special. I want it to remain special, so I will be keeping the most beautiful photographs, views and memories to myself and my family. More wild and golden sand beaches were visited, spectacular sunrises and sunsets were witnessed every single day, unstoppable laughs happened. And it felt so damn good to go remote for more than a week. As one should. Because life is lived in the undocumented. For your eyes and your loved ones’ only.
Issos beach Corfu


On the Trails of James Bond Issos beach Corfu

On the Trails of 007 Issos beach Corfu island

On the Trails of James Bond Issos beach Corfu  
PS: I may have hunted Bond on Issos beach, but everyone in my family agreed on contiguous Marathiá and Agía Varvára (aka Santa Barbara, Maltás, Martás) as our favourites on the island.
On the Trails of 007 Corfu island

Santa Barbara Beach Corfu

photos by me

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